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Monday, 10 October 2011

My Photography Skills

When I took this picture I was just sat smoking on a bench, I flicked my fag and just watched it smoke away, I had my camera with me so I just photographed it, for no reason at all really, I didnt intend to use the picture, it was just random,just a fag! But it was this picture that made me realise why I love photography so much, and thats because......
You could give one hundred people the same object....as simple as a cigerette, and the same camera,same environment, same everything, but I think I could guarantee that everyone of those one hundred pictures taken would be different, because everyone has their own perspective and everyone views the world differently.
And this is mine!
So something as simple,generic,boring,congenial or completely rubbish to you, may be viewed by someone else differently and may make something you found... well... s**t! ......quite beautiful!

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