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Monday, 10 October 2011

1990's - Design in Context

So what was big in the nineties?

Well there were sheep,sheep were big in the nineties......well in this case it was dolly the sheep
of course! Friends was massive and almost as massive as the craze for the Rachel Green haircut! Pokemon and tamagitchi's or infact any japaneese cartoon/toy seemed popular at the time, Grunge and music originating in seatle hit the scene, politics....blah blah when are threy not in your face! every decade politics will have made some impact for better or worse! In this case ive used part of the speech Bush gave on new world order .....hhhm...profound! oh and there's  Jeff Buckley.....I just wanted him in there because I love him, Music was pretty good, Counting Crows,Blink, Nivarna and Pearl Jam. Films were amazing in the nineties Pulp Fiction, The mummy,The matrix which was pretty much revolutionary in the film industry and probably most importantly, the interent became bigger and better!  So there we go, a brief view of the nineties!

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